I am just a simple soul in a complex universe;  A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes!

I was fascinated with the concept of blogging, not that the concept is anything new, it is just that I wanted to share with everyone a glimpse of my world. 

What is it that brings us all here to peck out our personal thoughts, feelings and experiences on our keyboards?

Is it the hopes of achieving immortality if only with our words? I guess that is reasonable, and I guess I could say I am among the guilty.

How awesome would it be to have a journal from one of our direct ancestors?

To read about their struggles, their feelings and accomplishments and to know that this is part of OUR history would truly be a gift.

I love to imagine a child 100 years from now sitting down to read about his/her great great great grandmother and how she lived.

How will things seem to them?

Will they look back and say “Wow, how could they have lived in such a primitive way?”

Or will they look back and wish they could travel back to the simpler days when the world seemed so much better?

I hope with all of my soul that it is the first of the two scenarios that comes true.

I want to leave something for those who will come after me.

Maybe in some way they will be able to connect with me, through my struggles, my happiness, my pain and accomplishments and realize that it is not just our genetics we have in common, but also the human condition.

This is where I lay my claim….this patch of web.

This is where I will ignite the FLAMES of my imagination, awaken and set free the the voices of the old ones that sleep, dormant in my mind.

This is my personal journal.  My journey in life leading me somewhere.  Everyone needs an outlet to express themselves.

So, this is my little corner of the world where I can write about anything and everything. It might not all be roses and sunshine, but it is all truthful and from my heart.