27 MARCH 2020


Today morning, I woke up quite late, past 10am. I went with my daily morning routine and I decided to go to PUREGOLD STA MESA to buy some groceries I needed.

Guess what? I was DENIED ENTRY! Even if I have showed my PWD Identification Card together with my community quarantine pass. I asked the security guard, “Why won’t you let me go in?” He said nonchalantly, there is no more priority lane now. WHOA! That was just not right!

Is it right for an establishment particularly PUREGOLD STA MESA to DENY priority entry to a PERSON WITH DISABILITY?

Is it right that PERSONS WITH DISABILITY have to line for a long queue at the cash register and NOT BE GIVEN PRIORITY?

i have gone to PUREGOLD ALTURA twice this week for my grocery shopping and I was denied priority entry and I was informed at the guard that they were given a memo that “THERE WILL BE NO PRIORITY GIVEN TO PWDs!”

Whaaatttttt ? HELLO PUREGOLD STA MESA MANAGEMENT. Do you know the implications of that to PWDs?

You are putting us at a GREATER RISK if we are denied immediate entry and there will be no priority lane for us. I, for one has a chronic illness and my immune system is IMMUNOCOMPROMISED.

Should we get infected or something happen to us while inside your premises, would you take care of our urgent medical care and expenses ? NO! Correct?

PWDs comprises only about a handful of your customers, why are we deprived of our rights. There is a virus scare and you are exposing US with high risk of getting it. Have you thought of that?

PRIORITY LANE IS PRIORITY LANE AT ALL TIMES — that should be specifically for PWDs, Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women.

What gives you the right to amend the law Republic Act. No. 10754?

I will not further elaborate the PWD benefits and privileges, what I will include here is the one that you — PUREGOLD STA. MESA have VIOLATED.


Before you make any memorandum, please try to make aN IN-DEPTH research first.

As far as I know, you just cannot implement rules which violates the rights/privileges of a PWD, specially when there is VIRUS SCARE and you are putting us at a GREATER RISK by CONTAINING US LONGER IN YOUR PREMISES.

Persons with Disability (PWD) had already too much going with their lives. Why would you add to it by denying PRIORITY ENTRY AND PRIORITY LANE?

Another thing, EXPRESS LANE where you accept customers with 10 pieces below items only. There was nobody at the express lane, so I went to go there but the cashier told me that it will be for 10 pieces below only and I said, “I am a PWD.” and she said, we don’t honor PWD lanes anymore.

Guess what, today I came again and what I have witnessed was unbelievable! 2 small carts with two full baskets and it was on the EXPRESS LANE where it says clearly on your sign at the counter that it will be for 10 items below?

And when my turn came, I asked the cashier — I thought this lane was just for 10 pieces below items. She said, now this lane is for small baskets only. Really? And those two people ahead of me has 2 small baskets each? The cashier hurriedly replied that they were paid separately. WOW. Is that fair play?

Inspite of those brouhaha that I have to endure at this time of corona virus scare, I would like to commend the lady guard who stood near the entrance of the supermarket — she immediately gave me a stool to sit on while waiting for my queue when she knew that I am Person With Disability. I forgot to get her name. You are my unsung hero for today.

Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women are not allowed to go out of their house, so there will be less volume of people at the PRIORITY LANE, correct? But it proved opposite, the PRIORITY LANE is full of ABLED BODY people? And I, a PWD will have to take the long queue as others do? HELLLOOO?

We are already “physically challenged”, and you want to add more to it? Where is your kindness at this time of need?

I am speaking for myself and let this be the voice for felllow PWDs, who are deprived of their rights/privileges and have to undergo this kind of stress and trauma.

Please spread the word and let us call the attention of all these establishments to give SPECIAL CONSIDERATION to PWDs.

How many PWDs will have to go through all this thing?

PWD na nga, pahihirapan nio pa?


PUREGOLD STA MESA — may batas po.


Share and spread the word. THIS HAS TO STOP.

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