Product description :  A velvety matte liquid lipstick that lasts long on the lips. Provides an intense, vibrant and bold color on the lips and it contains ingredients that help moisturize lips.

So here is another product review — EVER BILENA MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK in the shade of PINK FLAME. It retails for PhP 185.00 which I can say is just easy on the pocket especially for students, make up beginners and for those with a tight budget.

Please note that this is really MATTE, okay?

Longevity?  Yes it lasted for about 4 hours on me considering the weather in the metro right now.  Matte lipsticks tend to look a bit patchy on the lips so I suggest that you go for a little exfoliation of the lips first with a little bit of sugar sprinkled on your toothbrush or a little smudge of lip balm before putting on this lipstick.

As with the packaging, it is nice considering the price bracket — not bad.  The lip applicator glides easily on the lips.

I have created a simple look with this lippie and I am quite happy with the result.  I think I will try to get more shades as I love experimenting !! Next on my list are the shades of MAUVEY, VAMP RED,  LOVE THAT RED AND FIERCE RED.



What is your favorite shade and how would you rate this lippie? Let me know.

For more information about Ever Bilena visit their website and social media platforms.


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